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Today I….. (Day 2/10)

Today I finished Cobra Kai on YouTube red. It was an amazing show. It really got me thinking, Was this a Star Wars story? The whole show revolves around Light and Dark and Balance. The struggles each character faces. Dealing with the internal battle all, forces of the dark side. Johny is your typical Sith but his true divinity points him to the light. Danny is your Jedi the old guard who has become detached from the ways of the force. Ther young padawans each fighting and growing in there quest for balance. It’s a great Star Wars story. In my opinion, its a lot better Star Wars movie than The Last Jedi was.

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Today I noticed… (Day 1/10)

It’s the bread. The bread of a Costco hot dog is what really sets them apart. Its the soft and steamy bun and the crisp snap of the hotdog. Then there are the sesame seeds. Overall its a perfect combo of soft and firm. Moist and juicy that play so well together. Now I like my hotdog plain. Nothing to distract from the taste. There are two things I love on my hotdogs: Cheese and chilly. Caspers hotdog is a close second to the Costco hotdog. The crisp of a Caspers dog is unmatched. Now I’m sorry Hebrew National and ballpark your not gonna cut it. That said I think no one here will argue that any hot dog BBQ and cooked to well done, taste amazing. Now the only thing for me to try is a real New York street dog. I also hear Chicago do not fuck around with there hot dogs. Until I actually try them Costco is king.

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It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life.

I really wish I could write. Now I know, that’s what I’m doing now, but I want to write like my heroes. I wish the words would flow in the cascade of the beauty like that of Neil Gaiman, Or in the unabashed and unfiltered way of the Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.  I do not want to be them, only wish my words came out like there’s. I can only hope to one day be happy with what and how I write. My grammar is horrible, My spelling is downright a crime, and lastly, my imagination is nowhere to be found. Now I’m not just sitting down and wishing. I am doing the work. this blog is a huge step in that. something I always thought about doing. I remember reading an interview with someone and he was asked (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Do you only write when Inspired?”  and the author answered “Yes. luckily inspiration hits every day between 9am and 2 pm.”  I always loved that and it has stuck with me for a long time. So now I try my hardest to make this time. I wait till after the kids are all off to school and the house is quiet. then I sit here looking at this snow write page,  wondering what in god’s name I’m going to put on it. I never have a plan, I think that shows. The good news this blog is for me so I’m not scared to just throw whatever is on my mind at the screen and see what sticks. I’m happy with it so far. I do plan on taking some classes in writing and journalism. Now I don’t want to write a novel or become a Pulitzer prized writer by any means. I just want the words to flow out of me onto the screen in a cascade if vocabulary beauty. Is that too much to ask for?

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“Gonna try with a little help from my friends”

Well that last post was a joy ride, am I right. Well where do i go from there. the thing i love most about this process, is i never know what I’m going to end with. I sit here and tell my self, “Self do your thing.” and I get what I get.

Phase 2: Taking action.
So i started working with some on. We shall call her B. I meet with B in a few days to discuss our next step. That makes my next step trying to figure out what my next step should be. Adulating is hard. I wish i had faith in my work. Sure i know i can do what ever needs to be done or at least fake it till i make it. When it come time to talk money i freeze. I under value myself because what i can do seems so simple to me. So when i look at making a living i say to myself  “Who would pay X for that? Not me.” but I’m not the one in need of the services. so it’s a tough area for me. That said i do need to make a living at this so i have to come up with something.

Project 2: All in.

The other thing im working on involves my more people. I setting up my own super group of friends that i feel need to be shared with the world. I want my friends to do well. To grow and succeed, and i want to do everything i can to help them. so were starting up a Multimedia company. Will be launching with a Soft launch of our website. I want to launch the website in September, just as every one goes back to school.  Next will come the podcast this one will be fun just in the experimental phase trying to figure out what we are what our voice is. Last part of my three-part plan to take over the world, um i mean to launch will be the YouTube channel. this one is the end goal because i have no idea what the hell is going on at YouTube like at all. So will leave that one last. All in all im really excited to work with these people and excited to share them with you (trust me these people are awesome.)

So there it is my master plan all laid out before you. but given my latest analytics I don’t have to worry about any one reading these so this is the safest place for them. Now im off to do my parental duties. wish me luck and as always may the swine guide your path.

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You know I’m still standing, better than I ever did, Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid, I’m still standing after all this time, Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind!

I have not forgotten about you!!! I have been working on stuff every day. New videos, Post, Pictures. Always trying to be creating these days, and its an amazing feeling. My head is so alive with ideas (OK i think that’s the weed but what ever it keeps me motivated.) I do need to get better with actually documenting here what i am doing. For example yesterday me and Liam Filmed a “LootCrate Unboxing video” this am i eddied it and it’s currently being uploaded. Been posting to Instagram at least twice a day (on good days) and at least once most days. I am still new to all this. Learning Adobe has been easy i guess.? The coding takes more brain power than I have most days so that is slowing me down a lot. Yesterday got my fall guide for college classes. really think im going to do it. Im going back to school! unfortunately im more Rodney Dangerfield and less Adam Sandler….. wait no that is the Better Option anyways. So i want to take a edditing class and a video production class this fall and im thinking coding in the winter. Its a huge comitment for me with Lando and all but a rolling stone gaters no moss right. Just Keep Swimming! Thank you for sticking with me. It has beem a fun ride and we really havent even started yet! im excited for where this is going. and i want to thank you all for the motivation and encuregment.

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You’ve been there for too long To face this on your own, well I guess this is growing up

Woke up feeling motivated. Don’t get me wrong, not bright eyed and  bushy tailed. Just awake and excited for the day. sorry i did not post yesterday. I was waiting on some news that never came. Took a giant leap of faith yesterday that ended with me writing a business plan! Really excited for where this can go.

Today is the day. I have been putting it off for to long. Today i restart my diet. So far I’m down 100 lb. I have let myself drift back into old habits. Taking control of my life is what this blog is all about. So time to put up or shut up right. So my plan today is to start the protein shakes back up as meal replacement, then getting in 30 consecutive minutes of exercise. May try to get a vlog in while i walk. but no promises. Editing is a lot harder than I imagined. A new skill is harder than i thought and takes way more skill than I have. NO WAY, who would have guessed. It is easy to watch videos all day and comment on the style, the edits, the flow but that is hard stuff to master. Hell its hard stuff to comprehend. I think wanting to put out a video every day to every few days is a little to advance. So I’m shifting.   My goal right now is to just continue to learn the new program and continue to create smaller daily projects. I may not have posted a blog yesterday but i was still productive. The Instagram is alive and well (@The_Mighty_swine) almost to 600 followers! that is huge for me. So if you read this and decide to check it out leave me a comment i would love to follow you back!

So I’m working on big things for me. Even if they do not pan out, I have already learned something about my self. I found something i really like to do that i might actually be able to turn into money. Whats that famous quote

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

― Mark Twain

so on that not i shall leave you. Thank you again for just reading this.

work flo


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It’s just another manic Monday

It was a good day today. I was up at the ass crack of dawn. Hit up my Kaiser apt. Picked up my oldest from her Grampa. Then we hung out for a bit. Got some videos shot. Hoping to get them edited tonight. In my defence I never used Adobe befor so the learning curve is steep. Made an awesome (shitty but awesome to me) time laps video on my way this am. Still need to work on what I’m doing but it’s a start.

The hardest part for me right now, is not caring that people are looking at me. Walking around with a selfie stick talking to a camera looks weird. I got a great shot today of a stop sign and as I was composing the shot, in my head I was worried people were looking. I hope that will go away over time. I’ve stoped my self for to long because I didn’t want to look stupid. Well I always look stupid so what’s the problem right. I love photography. I love pictures so if I want to grow in this I need to stop caring how I look to other people. Salvador Dali walked his pet Ant eaters around new York. No fucks given! I need to channel that. Dali has always been a hero of mine. Infact all my heros stand out. Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Dali, Elton John, even bansky risks it all for his work that is highly valuable and illegal. Point is some times I’m going to have to get dirty if this is what I truly want to be.