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I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time, but here I go again, here I go again.

I let procrastination win. I gave my self an excuse and I ran with it. I am sorry. No i am not apologizing to you, the reader, but to myself. I did not start this for you (but thank you for reading it) I started this to see if i could make my self do something.  With Lando home from school, it was a logical excuse to forgive my self for not doing the work. Just sitting in front of the computer and forcing my self to write something today. Making this a habit. Small steps in a long journey.

last two days i have made myself follow a schedule. first get the kids up. if the alarm wakes me up, and not Lando, then my day starts at 7 am. After kids are out the door i start my house work. Should be about 10 am now and I let my self play some games (Ark is life.) Around 11/11:30 i go on a walk. take pictures and see what i can just create. today i got to see Turtles, a lot of turtles in the lake next to my house. it was cool to see. Now its lunch time. Around 1 in the afternoon i will sit here and just see what comes out. This gives me a solid hr to do something before Liam and Lando get home a little after two. After that its in the hands of the gods.

So the lesson i learned? STOP MAKING EXCUSES and DO THE WORK!


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