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Those who came before me, lived through their vocations, From the past until completion, they’ll turn away no more…

Well hello, is it me your looking for? The weekends get tough, all the kids are home. So On top of that Lando is home from school all week. That being said my productivity is going to take a nose dive. I’m not stopping, ill try to keep the blog updated. That is so important to me. I force my self daily to sit down and see what happens. So far its been really rewording getting this all out there. I have never written anything before. So please bare with me while i find my voice. I have always been in love with the poets and authors who paint such beautiful descriptions with there word. Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Shane Koyczan, Kurt Vonnegut to name a few. These men are Mount Rushmore of wordsmiths. Every day these men remind me of my love of words. These daily writing exercises are My way of practicing. The journey might be long but if i keep it up it will be more than worth it.


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