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You’ve been there for too long To face this on your own, well I guess this is growing up

Woke up feeling motivated. Don’t get me wrong, not bright eyed and  bushy tailed. Just awake and excited for the day. sorry i did not post yesterday. I was waiting on some news that never came. Took a giant leap of faith yesterday that ended with me writing a business plan! Really excited for where this can go.

Today is the day. I have been putting it off for to long. Today i restart my diet. So far I’m down 100 lb. I have let myself drift back into old habits. Taking control of my life is what this blog is all about. So time to put up or shut up right. So my plan today is to start the protein shakes back up as meal replacement, then getting in 30 consecutive minutes of exercise. May try to get a vlog in while i walk. but no promises. Editing is a lot harder than I imagined. A new skill is harder than i thought and takes way more skill than I have. NO WAY, who would have guessed. It is easy to watch videos all day and comment on the style, the edits, the flow but that is hard stuff to master. Hell its hard stuff to comprehend. I think wanting to put out a video every day to every few days is a little to advance. So I’m shifting.   My goal right now is to just continue to learn the new program and continue to create smaller daily projects. I may not have posted a blog yesterday but i was still productive. The Instagram is alive and well (@The_Mighty_swine) almost to 600 followers! that is huge for me. So if you read this and decide to check it out leave me a comment i would love to follow you back!

So I’m working on big things for me. Even if they do not pan out, I have already learned something about my self. I found something i really like to do that i might actually be able to turn into money. Whats that famous quote

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

― Mark Twain

so on that not i shall leave you. Thank you again for just reading this.

work flo



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