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It’s just another manic Monday

It was a good day today. I was up at the ass crack of dawn. Hit up my Kaiser apt. Picked up my oldest from her Grampa. Then we hung out for a bit. Got some videos shot. Hoping to get them edited tonight. In my defence I never used Adobe befor so the learning curve is steep. Made an awesome (shitty but awesome to me) time laps video on my way this am. Still need to work on what I’m doing but it’s a start.

The hardest part for me right now, is not caring that people are looking at me. Walking around with a selfie stick talking to a camera looks weird. I got a great shot today of a stop sign and as I was composing the shot, in my head I was worried people were looking. I hope that will go away over time. I’ve stoped my self for to long because I didn’t want to look stupid. Well I always look stupid so what’s the problem right. I love photography. I love pictures so if I want to grow in this I need to stop caring how I look to other people. Salvador Dali walked his pet Ant eaters around new York. No fucks given! I need to channel that. Dali has always been a hero of mine. Infact all my heros stand out. Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Dali, Elton John, even bansky risks it all for his work that is highly valuable and illegal. Point is some times I’m going to have to get dirty if this is what I truly want to be.


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