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Back in the Saddle again!

Ok I’m back. i know and I’m sorry, I’ve been away a long time. There have been so many life changes that keeping my head a float was hard. Now there is some form of normality in my life (lmfao who am i kidding) today i start refocusing on me. So where to start…

35.39lb. 35.39lb is all that stands in my way between me and weight-loss surgery. Yesterday was my orientation and Nutritionist appointment. I’m guessing its 35.39lb lol that’s about 10% of my body weight. My next appointment. is with the Shrink to see if i’m mentally stable enough for the surgery. I wont lie I’m a little nervous  This is life Changing. How will i be skinny? Will i get skinny? how will my wife treat me? My whole life I’ve been the fat kid, its who i am. What if i fail? Any ways last night i shaved. I shaved everything. Its was symbolic for me, Starting today fresh. Letting it all go today is a new day. I look horrible lol i hate my face i look like a pedo rapist. I did it as a reminder every time i look in the mirror i see something i don’t like. Time for a change.



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