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“I’m addict…. I’m addicted to”

Fiverr! Omg if you haven’t tried Fiverr you are missing out. I like other, people like Me, Myself, my brand. I have always liked my gamer tag or screen name, Because its who you get to be when your done being who you are. Like a D&D character or an APG toon its nice to EsCaPay (as Dori would say) So that leads me to this site Fiverr. Lets you do things you never thought you could. I can and basically did turn this blog into a brand over night.  I spent about $30 bucks got three video intros, two new logos and a social media kit with a bad ass fount. Best of all a 30 second video of a woman eating a banana with my web address on it. WHY? because i could and she would.  All for $30 its amazing. Now my kids love the site, next pay day, i am turning my sons into GTA characters and my daughter wants to get a pop art picture of our cat lol. seriously if you have a site or a screen name you love why not play with it.


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