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“Doctor, doctor give me the news”

Made my first Dr. apt. in YEARS today. I’m excited and scared. I let my health get away from me after i got hurt last year. Not to mention i have a few other concerns i wanna get looked at.

My biggest issue is my weight, as of writing this i’m sitting around 375lb. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I was doing the couch to 5k before I got hurt, and I was doing really well with it. Even with all the exercise and eating healthy I’ve never been able to drop below 265lb. So after years of thought and consideration I decided I am going to pursue Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Its a big step and a huge decision, and one i have not made lightly. Ive always been big i have not weighed under 200lb since middle school. I have tried every diet under the sun. starved my self, counted calories, eaten only fats no carbs, only carbs and no fats, Grapefruit diets, south beach diets, Atkins, and Jenny couldn’t help me. The only thing that truly worked was my divorce. That and a combination with the stomach flu i got to my lowest weight of my adult life, 250lb and i was ecstatic. That was in December 2011. That said it will be a life long change with a hole different set of challenges, BUT i wont be looking at diabetes and a Heart Attack in 5 years. I want to be here to see my children grow and have kids. The way I’m feeling i don’t see that happening. So judge me if you will, but this just might be the thing that saves me. Not from The body issues or my self esteem (i actually have a tone of that I am big and Beautiful lol)  but from a early grave. I”m looking foreword to  the journey not the two weeks liquid diet but it should make for some interesting blog post lol


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  1. Absolutely no judgement here, I wish you luck! The older you get the harder it is to lose weight. I had a friend who had this surgery years ago when it was still new and it’s helped her emensely. Honestly, it’s not some quick fix people may think it is. It’s still work and recovery and a lifestyle change.

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