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🎵🎶 Our house, was our castle and our keep, Our house, in the middle of our street 🎶🎵

Well as of yesterday we got the place! We got a call at 10:30am telling us if we could get there before 11 and sign the papers we could move in this weekend. So we ran as fast as we could lol. Let me tell you getting my wife and Autistic son dressed and out the dore in 6 min, I deserve a metal! Had her drive to the apartment and i ran to the bank and to the store for money order. We got there five minutes late but they waited(thankfully). So we signed the papers in record time, and got the keys. We rented this place sight unseen. Had no idea what the size or set up was (i put the floor plan up in the last post, there is also a short video on my insta if you wanna check it out) were going from a two bedroom 1 bath 900 sq ft to a three bedroom 2 bath and a garage. No idea on sq ft off the top of my head, but its bigger.

First impression was not good. It feels smaller. The layout is weird. Its technically three stories. And i dont know what the architect was thinking. The bathrooms are huge! And empty. There are walls because well walls lol. The master bedroom is on the third floor up a small ass staircase lol how am i supposed to get a king size bed up there lol.

We went back this am. Second impression was better. Think i built it up in my head to be this big thing, my fault. Kids love it, there stoked. My daughter has always wanted a house with stairs, now she has them. There is a pool and a park with basketball hoops so the boys are happy. We get a walk in closet and our own bathroom so my wife is happy. Once everything is moved in and set up i will be happy.

Were starting to take stuff off the walls tonight  (Saturday night) and all the sudden this place dosen’t feel like home. This was the first place me and my wife moved in together. We been here for four years. It has been a great home. It served us well and the energy was great. Now we have grown from two to six in just a matter of weeks. Im sad to be leaving. Its dumb to be sad right? I grew up moving place to place all the time. Never had a stable home, and this is the first place I’ve grown roots i guess. Ive never lived any where this long, normally its two-two and ahalf years then we move. Sence we moved in i finally got a stable job, a steady check with a good income. I guess you can say i grew up here. Im sad to move on, but once we get the pictures on the walls and the laughter in the air the place will grow on me. Whats the old saying “Home is where the heart is.”


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