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Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.

Hello, Its me.
Today kind sucked. I know depressing right out the gate, fuck me. Don’t mean to be. I really Don’t want to come off as complaining. Cause its not Horrible just stressful. I love my kids and i would take on the world a thousand times for them. I just miss sleep lol.  Since land-o came back into my life (2/6/17) I have been running non stop. Today was no exception. Land-o decided he was done eating for the day and had the AMAZING idea to remove his feeding tube at noon. So now instead of going to see “Power Rangers” this after noon i am running Back to Children’s Hospital for a new feeding tube (NG tube).

So here we are all dressed and have to run to Oakland. In the car fearing the rush hour traffic we will be facing on the way home, I got a bright idea “I’ll take the little man on Bart!” He loved it! he did not use his Ipad the hole way there.  He loved looking out the window and seeing the sights. not to mention the escalator. we went up and down, up and down till the train came. At the hospital they had to put in a new tube. He did not like that at all. So the new nurse put in the tube and when they checked for placement, they could not find it (fml) so they sent us over to X-ray, to check the placement. Well the new girl dun fucked up. So something went wrong and they needed to place a new tube. well the Amazingly beautiful nurse takes over, and after a few minutes of crying (i had to leave the room poor guy) the tube is in and placement is all good, we are on our way home.

Now for my next trick. Yesterday i got Chloe new hair dye and was to tiered to help her out with it, so tonight was the night. Now besides a few spots on the floor, everything went great. This was my third time dying her hair. As i was sitting there making a mess, I couldn’t help but think. One day she will be telling her kids about the time Nonno dyed her hair. Then it all went away the tiered the stress everything. This is why I’m doing this, all of this is for them.  so now i sit here at eleven pm smiling to my self, Because today was a good day.


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